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Having been back home for a while ( but with a  return trip recently), I wanted to give some recommendations for those travelling or living in Sri Lanka  This list will expand as my memory drags back more good stuff.  In Sri Lanka, to get anything done, you need to ‘know someone’. There is a complex web of  codependent relationships between people: families, friends, classmates and work mates – that allow everyone to access  a whole range of services when, as always money is tight. Every Sri Lankan has a list of a contact for everything – whether it be a hotel, a dentist or a tree cleaner.. This is my version!

GALLE and South Beaches Area


Very important, at least until your confidence allows car hire to be an option (not recommended for tourists!)

  • Tuk tuk:

There are many to choose from, a lot are fantastic. Out trusted friend and school chauffeur for our kids was the gentle, reliable and extraordianrlily kind Nulaif. His tuk tuk isn’t the best , nor is his English, but for a long term driver who is 100% trustworthy, you cant do better.  Mobile O713519640 

  • Van: I became close friends with two van drivers and have made them websites to help grow their businesses

Janith: A wordly, educated and very experienced driver and guide who is brilliant company for long trips and will chat about anything! Conatct  him at this link – mobile phone is the best

Indika: Just a delightful man with a delightful family. Went out of his way to help during a family emergency. Owns a really comfortable van which he needs lots of help to pay off! Contact him at   Mobile phone is best!

Car Hire:

  • If you are feeling brave hire a car from Black eagle. Friendly dudes who’ll bring the oldish car to you
  • For motorbike hire the expats at Soul Riders will look after you on proper bikes.


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