Here’s a selection of vignettes from daily life in and around our home in Thalapitiya, Galle.


Our home is a restored Dutch villa which has been extended but renovated in a traditional way. Our suburb is close to the city and the local beach and close enough to work and school that commuting is easy-ish! The photos from The Lady Hill Hotel terrace, give you an idea of just  how ‘tropical’ Galle is – at ground level its easy to only see the concrete and busy roads, from above there are trees everywhere!


Tree Cleaning.

Our two magnificent palm trees were laden with King coconuts (the drinking sort). When in some storms they started to fall, we knew we needed to do something. Solution; call in the tree cleaner. For $1 per tree and 20% of the loot, this agile and fearless man will come to your home, scurry up your palm trees with a piece of rope between his feet only, then hack off 100 or so of your biggest coconuts and carefully lower them to ground. An amazing display of strength and skill, Mahani and I were transfixed whilst he worked his magic.


Shopping at the Green Market.

The Green market is in a couple of hundred year old building and sells the most amazing produce, which is well priced, and changes every month or so as new things come into season.


Street Festivals

Our street has 2 large mosques and forms the focal point for a number of festivals. These are very busy affairs, with the street being closed, music and sermons being pumped out by loud speakers and lights connected dubiously to the overhead cables all adding to the fun. At the biggest festival for the year, the Sri Lankan ‘Carney’ equivalent rolled up, setting up stalls selling ‘dollar shop’ items and sweets all along our street – including our driveway. Coming home in the hire car after a day trip caused more than the usual stress!!!


Local streets

Our local streets consist of tiny lanes, busy thoroughfares and windy short cuts. Tuk tuks can make it down the skinniest of them – leaving not much room for your toes if you are walking!


Christmas in the tropics

We had a lovely Christmas day, with the principal and a teacher from school, and good friends Son and Mik from Darwin. Like all good Christmases, it ended up with everyone in the pool after eating too much!





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