Galle Fort

This UNESCO World heritage site, was first built as an earthen fortification in 1588 by the Portuguese. After the Dutch took over in the 17th century they replaced the earthen walls with huge granite and coral ramparts which encircled the peninsula on which its built. These were so impregnable, they withstood the 2004 tsunami – in doing so probably amplified the waves to the suburbs either side.

Post the civil war, the fort has exploded with foreign investment, pricing most locals out of theĀ market. Posh boutiques and cafes abound, but the Muslim moors still make up a majority of inhabitants and go about a somewhat tourist filled daily life.

One of the properly excellent parts of living in Galle is having an extended pass to the fort – we can go in the mornings hone its cool and quiet , or in the evenings for sunset and dinner.
Here’s a selection of photos to give you a sense of how lucky we are…


2 thoughts on “Galle Fort

  1. What an excellent blog and photos, Dr.Taylor! Makes good procrastinating reading on night shifts (only when ED is quiet, and there is no referral to the medics I promise!). Thanks for sharing!


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