What it takes to learn to surf in Sri Lanka. By Julian


Step One- Getting a surfboard on a tuk tuk

First, you will need to have a long strap. Then you will have to put the surfboard on top of the tuk tuk. Then tie the strap around the board and inside tie a big knot and make sure it is very tight so the board stays there. Then you have got a surfboard on a tuk tuk.

Step Two- how to stand up

First Daddy taught me how to stand up. To do that, you need to draw a surfboard in the sand and then you need to do a push up and bring your left foot forward, then move your right foot just behind your left foot and then get up – making sure your knees are bent.

Step Three- In to the water

In the water, you need to find a wave the looks like it is going to break in 4, 5 or 6 seconds. Then when you are about 5 metres away from the wave, you need to start paddling with all your strength. When you feel like the wave is pushing you along, do the stand up steps from step one. Then you are surfing!

When you get better at surfing, you can jump up on to the board and stand up without your legs bent.

Click Here’s a video  Daddy made of Rowan and I surfing

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4 thoughts on “What it takes to learn to surf in Sri Lanka. By Julian

  1. That is about it – nice and simple really – + optional celebration at the end of the ride with big thumbs up, fist pump, or silly dance whichever takes your fancy.+ yoo hoo shout also optional


    1. Hi Mike
      Celebration is non optional when the boys get a good one!!!
      Jules and I are a fan of the whoop , Rowan as you can see in the vid is a thumbs upper. Sri Lankans like a modified yoohoo kind of bird call. On an exciting note there is 4-6ft predicted this weekend, which means prob 6+ on the reefs – might be time to rent a short board!


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