Bike Commuting Sri Lankan style

As I alluded to in the last post, riding a bike here is not for the faint hearted, but it does give me a lovely sense of freedom, and to some extent control over my destiny. For some reason the tuktuk drivers outside the hospital are a particularly venomous and aggressive bunch –  a 3 wheel locked up slide on wet roads doesn’t inspire loads of confidence –  so the bike ride is actually a safer option!

Here is a link to a short movie I have made with highlights from my daily 15 minute ride (all filmed on one day actually)

Hope you enjoy seeing a little part of my day



5 thoughts on “Bike Commuting Sri Lankan style

  1. Thinking of moving to S.L. in a few months. After having watched your video, I think that I shall no longer even consider getting any kind of two wheeled transport. Thank God that I am finally getting old enough to have lost my middle-aged crisis induced bike infatuation. I think that instead of buying a scooter on the island, that I´ll be sitting in taxis with a full-faced helmet and body armor with extra air-bags sewn in.

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