Uduwalawe National Park

About 3 hours from Galle is this National Park which was created in the 70s to house all the animals displaced when a big dam was built. Its mostly reclaimed farmland and is semi dry (1500mm rain/year – its all relative). The main reason to visit is for its elephants  – its one of the worlds best places to see them –  and we had no trouble seeing lots on our dawn safari in a jeep. 

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ele eating

Eating breakfast


Painted storks and egrets

peacock tree

Every dead tree had a peacock proudly perched – this guy had a veritable harem of hens

monkey tree

Cute monkey, big tree

leopard print

As close as we came to seeing a leopard – hopefully we’ll see some at Yala


Water buffalo doing their thing


Delighted to be elephant spotting in the open jeep

hornbill colour


ele sky

Lone bull with heavy skies

ele mumbub


ele family sky

Family group

cute brids

The southern small green and brown curvy beaked finch like bird


Eagle  – hunting for the swift moving srilankan mud grub..or something


Banyan tree


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