Mahani’s first post!

Well, it is about time I tackled technology (and my phobia of it) and posted.

We’ve been in Sri Lanka for less than two weeks now, but it feels like so much longer. Our first week was a huge change from Singapore and I ossilated between feeling euphoric, apprehensive and grumpy.

The best bits were those moments in the afternoons/ evenings at Unawatuna Beach, which although over developed and somewhat polluted, has that magical, tropical feel. The beach was safe for the boys but still had big enough waves to thrill them, the beachside restaurants lit candles and lost any tackiness at night and Lion lager is awesome. It is funny how I never drink beer at home anymore, but as soon as we arrived in the tropics, we have become regular beer swillers.

We also fell instantly in love with the Fort. It is filled with beautiful buildings, cobbled streets and nice restaurants, bars and shops. If I am honest,  I was also relieved to be amongst tourists. I blended in more which I certainly don’t in our new suburb. Despite being brown and sort-of Sri Lankan looking, no-one has ever mistaken me for anything other than a complete foreigner (although I note the two white children tailing me might be a bit of a give-away!).

Much of my apprehension was about where we were going to live, which my brilliant husband sorted fabulously. We now have a beautiful villa right in the heart of Galle town. It isn’t where any other expats live, in fact it is in the Muslim part of town. We have a mosque just up the street, and I’m getting fond of the call to prayer which is broadcast via loudpeakers across the neighbourhood five (?) times a day. Some evenings though, a sermon is also broadcast and the man sounds exceedingly grumpy (irate?). Of course we don’t understand a word.

My grumpiness was due to being royally ripped off. It took me a while to get the hang of the currency, and I managed to agree to pay forty dollars for two loads of machine washing! I felt like such a dope – and the lady smiled so nicely at me! Tuk tuk drivers were also incorrigible. Grrrr. Anyway, I am getting better with tuk tuk drivers and the like. We’re also slowly getting recognised by a few people so maybe will start getting closer to ‘local’ rates.

Anyway, I think that is enough rambling (and enough to get Nick off my case). I do miss everyone very much – I haven’t really met many people yet. I’m hoping to make s few friends once the boys start  school next week – and I might also help out at the school too – they are keen to up their environmental credentials.

I’ll attempt photos next time..

Mahani 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mahani’s first post!

  1. Well done Hani! You are a wiz with this technology thing!! You’ll be posting photos like a pro any day now! I love hearing about your adventures and I know you will be great. You can put your teacher skills back in action and get out the striped tshirts and they will love you! Keep loving it, at least until we get there…..! Xoxoxoxo

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  2. Well done you tech wiz!! I love hearing about your adventures. You will be able to get your old teacher skills back in motion soon helping out with the school. Just get yourself a striped shirt and you will be fine. 😆 Love to you all. Xxxx

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  3. Hey hani
    Yay for beer, tropics and beaches! I hope the boys settle quickly into to school and you make a few friends soon. Maybe you can skype into book group? Xx Rah


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