Julian and Rowans first post

From Julian: In Galle there are very friendly people and lots of dogs and nice beaches and we’re staying at a place in Unawatuna . We are upstairs from mum and dad and yesterday we saw monkeys on a tree outside. Galle wasn’t what I was expecting but I’m enjoying it ..there’s lots of tuk Turks and it’s fun riding them.

From Rowan: When I first arrived in Galle the first thing I saw in our unit was a huge brownish grey frog with black spots. So far I’ve enjoyed the hot weather, swimming at the beach and relaxing. The house we will live in has a pool, and I’m really excited about that and our school looks lovely from the outside…we will visit today. Tuk Tuks are everywhere and all different colours and it’s strange that they only have 3 wheels.

imageThe view from our unit


8 thoughts on “Julian and Rowans first post

  1. Hi, It’s Olivia
    It sounds like you are having a great time. The tuk tuks sound very fun ( Could you please send a photo of them )πŸ“· Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. πŸ˜€

    Hi it’s Sophie. Hope you are having a good trip so far and not missing Australia too much. That frog sounds scary! (But also cool)πŸ˜€ Does Galle have interesting history ? If it does, please write about it. How was Singapore? It must have been very busy. Can’t wait to hear about your school 😜

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  2. Hi Rowie & Jules, so great to read your blog! It must be super exciting to be in such a new and different place & to have the beach and a pool for swimming in! How was your school today? I’ll give Pokey a big hug from you when I see her next. We can’t wait to hear more from you x love Auntie Kate

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  3. Hey Rowan and all the Taylors!

    34HD will be visiting your website today (if all goes to plan- if not, tomorrow). Everybody has been itching to find out how you are and what your new environment is like. Rowan- can you still log in to Classroom and google drive? Perhaps you would like to create a profile on Galle and a significant place nearby in Google Docs. It is up to you, I don’t want you to have to do extra work but I am very curious about Sri Lanka! We would love to see more photos- can you create a photos page on here?

    Okay, I must go. It’s 5:20am and I need to get some work done before Phil wakes up and we have to get ready for school and work. All the Titans love you and miss you Rowan. We read this beautiful book for mentor sentences last week, called ‘Duck and the Darklings’. It is a CBCA shortlisted book this year, and it’s probably my new favourite book. You would love the language in it- the author plays with words, using adjectives and verbs as proper nouns, and making up words like ‘darkling childs’ and ‘candle hats’. The sentence we studied was, “Dark was a sorry, spoiled place; a broken and battered place.” Pretty intense, huh?

    Okay, now I really have to go. Have fun, be safe, learn lots.

    Ms Del Guzzo


  4. Amini says “she misses you”. Hope it’s fun riding the tuk tuks. Have a great time and enjoy yourselves. Amini is with me in Canberra. She is having a great holiday with all the Canberra crew. Love and kisses .


  5. Hay Rowan, it’s Thomas here. I read your post, I hope you are having a good time at your school? I hope you can bring back the swimming pool! We have ride to school this week and the athletics carnival and the twilight fair is at the end of next week.


    1. To Tom
      Thanks for the comment.I also wish I could bring back the pool
      I caught a tuk tuk to my first day of school today…the roads are too busy to ride!
      I miss you, look forward to seeing you when I get back


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